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KORJO 2-pack colourful locks (LLC20)

"Pack of 2 keyed alike, colourful locks.Choice of 4 vibrant colours - help identify as well as secur..

Rs.550.00 Ex Tax: Rs.550.00

KORJO 3 Dial Luggage Lock with Cable Shackle (TSA FC)

The Korjo 3 Dial Luggage Lock with Cable Shackle is perfect for securely locking your luggage when y..

Rs.940.00 Ex Tax: Rs.940.00

KORJO 4 pack TSA Keyed Locks (TSALL4)

"4 locks per pack - keyed alikeBright, easily identifiable colours * The US Travel Security Agency (..

Rs.1,450.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,450.00

Korjo ACT 22

 clever combination of 2 travel essentials. Features: Simple to set functions, loud alarm,..

Rs.1,550.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,550.00

KORJO Alarm Clock Radio (ACR 85)

"A sleek, compact, lightweight alarm clock and AM/FM radio. Features a brilliant blue backlight for ..

Rs.2,750.00 Ex Tax: Rs.2,750.00

Korjo AN 56

A drug free way to enhance your comfort when travelling (eg for boats, planes, cars, buses...). Uses..

Rs.370.00 Ex Tax: Rs.370.00

KORJO Analogue Alarm Clock (AAC73)

The classic travel clock. Features: Quality clock movement, loud crescendo alarm, snooze button and ..

Rs.1,350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.1,350.00

Korjo BB 41

3 zippered compartments make this bag useful while travelling (separates passports, documents, cards..

Rs.830.00 Ex Tax: Rs.830.00

Korjo BP 25

This inflatable pillow uses air to adjust and provide the optimal shape for maximum support and comf..

Rs.610.00 Ex Tax: Rs.610.00

Korjo CCL 62

A 3 dial combination lock PLUS a lockable / detachable stainless steel cable.- Lock your belongings ..

Rs.850.00 Ex Tax: Rs.850.00

Korjo CL 30

A 3 dial combination lock that makes it simple for you to set your own private combination. Features..

Rs.550.00 Ex Tax: Rs.550.00

Korjo CLP 27

A stretchy elastic line with 8 attached, plastic-coated pegs. Also useful for hanging other items, e..

Rs.610.00 Ex Tax: Rs.610.00

KORJO Colourful Luggage Tag (LTPC)

"Quickly and easily identify your luggage with these bright, colourful luggage tags. Heart or smiley..

Rs.310.00 Ex Tax: Rs.310.00

Korjo DH 07

The document holder is ideal for the travelling part of any journey - keep all the necessary documen..

Rs.680.00 Ex Tax: Rs.680.00

KORJO Digital Luggage Scale (DLS82)

"The Korjo Digital Luggage Scale is tiny, lightweight, powerful and very easy to use. Take it on an..

Rs.3,350.00 Ex Tax: Rs.3,350.00