Make friends while traveling and enjoy your trip!

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Make friends while traveling and enjoy your trip!


We humans are social animals and hence we tend to naturally seek companionship at every aspect of our life. Being alone for humans is a self-deteriorating process, whenever a person choosing to be lone, slowly but surely moves towards a definite end.


Travelling is one of those aspects of life where a person often needs a companion. While a person can travel alone without any hurdles to tackle on the way, a friend as companion would just add to the entire travel experience.


Travelling for work or business is often a solo travel, besides other times when a person has to travel alone. But freight not, there are so many ways to meet people and make new friends while traveling. While it can happen naturally for some, the below given tips will make it easy for anyone to be friend someone while traveling.


Some tips to make friends while traveling-


1.Always be positive – While traveling be positive about every aspect and have a happy face at all times. Happiness is attractive and definitely a smile is welcoming to everyone and often a conversation opener.


2.Stay in dormitories or hostels, these community areas often gets people to talk to each other leading to friendship.


3.Hang out in hostel bars, gym etc. Chances of opeing a conversation or knowing someone is bright at these places.


4.Go on small trips, excursions etc. You will meet up with other lone travelers like you and befriend them.


5.Attend local events, festivals, dance nights, karaoke nights etc. to contact similar solo travelers.


6.Eat at local joints, this could get you closer to locals and make friends with some.


7.Connect with people when in transit, at the bus stand, in a bus or whatever the travel mode.


8.Be a conversation opener, talk about anything from badge on the bag to brand of the bag to the city they come from etc.


9.Step out of your comfort zone to connect with others and create a new comfort zone with those very strangers you befriend.


10.Learn local language to befriend a local or at least express your curiousness to learn their language and culture this is a wonderful way to make friends.


While you do make friends, be always on your guard too. Make sure that you are not being conned by some strangers and fleeced of your money. Also be aware of your belongings and ensure that you are not being robbed of by those you be friended.


Have a safe trip and wish you a happy journey.

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Rahul Saxena:
31/05/2019, 09:41:40 AM,

Apart from making friend, i think maintaining hygiene is also a great challenge that I usually face while travelling.I think along with neck pillows, we should carry some personal care products like face wipes, sanitizer, face wash, sanitary disposal bags, etc. to have a safe & hassle-free journey.Great tips to make the travelling smooth and memorable. Keep it up!

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