Tips to keep your valuables safe while travelling!

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When it comes to safe keeping of your valuable belongings while travelling, it is a difficult task to segregate valuable and non-valuable items from your luggage. By definition, everything that is dear to you is valuable and hence everything in that luggage would be valuable to you.

Hence let us segregate the luggage by those items that are ‘important’ for your travel at each and every step and ‘valuables’ as those luxury items that enhance your travel experience.

Important items while travelling
•         Passport
•         Visa
•         Tickets
•         Identity Proofs
•         Credit/Debit/Cash Cards
•         Cash
•         Other travel documents like travel & health insurance
Valuable things while travelling
•         Cell Phones
•         Camera
•         Tablets/Lap Top
•         Jewelry
There is nothing as safe as carrying important stuff with you all the time. Hence to carry your passport and travel documents safe from theft or loss you could choose, Neck Safe; Ultra Slim Travel Neck Wallet a safe pouch you can carry on your person like Travel Neck Pouch another option of safety pouch to carry passport and travel documents. Optionally you could chose Security Neck Wallet a unisex pouches made from soft and cool material which enables you to carry it below your garments and closer to your body.

These neck pouches are well designed and very well compartmentalized to enable you to carry as well as easily and comfortably access your passport, visa and other travel documents besides credit/debit/cash card or currency.

Keeping ID Proof, Credit/Debit Cards and Cash safe during travel.

Easy to access yet safe from theft is the one principle requirement for any carrier which will carry your cards and cash while you travel.

There are number of wallets and pouches that can take care of the safety of your cash and cards during travels. From Security Money Wallet a waist pouches that you can belt around your waist to well organized and compartmentalized Unisex Wallets that can carry your card and cash safely. Cash Carrier Wallet a superb cash and card carrier that can be chained and clipped to your clothing ensuring safety from pickpockets to Secret Sliding Wallets that has an ‘Anti-Theft Flap’ which ensures safety of your cash and cards at all times besides Unisex Card Holder which is also safe to carry hard cash.
Keeping your luxury items safe during travel

While you can choose to keep your cell phone handy and on your body at all times, you also need to keep other stuff like camera, lap-top, tablets, jewelry safe during travel.
•         To avoid breakage, do not carry camera, lap-top, etc. in check-in luggage
•         Carry all gadgets in cabin baggage, this ensures your attention at all times.

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