A little planning can make long flights a pleasure!

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Last month, went to receive a friend flying back from Canada. When he stepped out of the arrival gate at he looked all exhausted and tired. He could barely tug his luggage trolley and I immediately rushed to assist him. We made our way to a refreshment joint at the terminal and as he sat on the chair he gave a sigh of relief.

On query he informed me that his flight took a total of 16 hrs. Unfortunately he had one haul of 3 hours which increased to 5 hours because of technical issues while the other haul of 2 hours extended to 4 hours for similar reasons.

I looked at his luggage trolley and saw that he did carry a cabin luggage that was heavy but probably it lacked the required essentials for long flights. I smiled back at him and queried about the contents of his cabin baggage and I was right.

Here is a list of essentials that one needs to carry in your cabin bag on long flights, especially so since most long flights have long hauls and those hauls may at any moment become treacherous when they get extended.

1.       Carry a water bottle. A water bottle by your side will ensure you are properly hydrated at all times.
2.       Neck Pillow – Carry any one of the following – U Shape Memory Foam, Cool Gel Memory Foam, Feather Soft Micro Fiber, Micro Bead Travel Neck Pillow or Inflatable Neck Pillow. These will ensure good health of your neck, spine and back on those seats at airport waiting lounges during those long halts.
3.       Eye Mask  - Pack on of these - 3D Eye Shade, Memory Foam Eye Mask, Micro-beads Eye Mask or Gel Eye Mask. These eye masks will ensure that you can have a comfortable nap during those hauls.
4.       Back Rest Pillow – Those having back problems should carry a Memory Foam Back Rest Pillow or Lumbar Pillow to ensure good health of the spine.
5.       Toiletry Bag – Make sure to carry your Toiletry Organizer in your cabin bag. A long haul would mean you may need to use the washroom multiple number of times and hence having your toiletry bag handy would be a blessing.
6.       Ear Phones – If you can have your earphones at easy access in your Travel Sling Bag or Neck Pouch, waiting can be a musical treat.

Wear easy clothing and make sure to have a light cabin bag, however ensure to have all the above essentials in it you would never feel tired or exhausted of the long flight or of the extended halts. 

Happy journey!

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